Section: Wills, Estates, Wealth Transfer
What’s fair when everyone contributes to the farm differently?
I think one of the most effective ways to ensure things feel fair and balanced is to put governance processes in place.
Sharing my thoughts for new ag producers
There will be great opportunities in ag production for you as new producers. You just
must find and design your own path to follow.
Tips to navigate transition storms
The other part of this storm is the expectation of parents to divest farm assets to give gifts or inheritance to non-farm heirs. Somewhere the perfect storm is begging a new money script from parents as to what is a reasonable expectation for the transfer of farm wealth — that is, if the family really wants to keep the farm business intact.
Overcome Family Dysfunction with the 3 C’s
Power of Attorney
A power of attorney is a legal document whereby a grantor appoints one or more people to manage their property when they can’t do it themselves. That means, the appointed person has the power to do anything that the grantor may lawfully have done, when capable, including sell land, change investments, pay bills for the grantor, etc.
What is a legal trust?
A trust can be very useful to a farm business. It can offer both flexibility and formality to help achieve business, tax planning and farm legacy preservation goals.

The challenge is that trust law, and the associated tax rules, are very complex. Proper implementation requires a team of professional advisors.
Transition Planning Check List
Start early and be proactive. Transition
should be a gradual transfer of
responsibilities, management and
ownership – and this process takes time.
The family landscape
Once considered among the most traditional, unchanging ways of life, farming today is being transformed. Farmland values are changing the nature of farming and farm business management, and introducing new opportunities and risks.
Farm Transition Increasingly Difficult
More farm wealth than ever before is passing from one generation to the next. Over the last decade, skyrocketing
land values, heightened equipment values, and quota holdings have increased in capital value, leading to more complex transition discussions.
Farm Transition Study
RealAgristudies dives into the opportunities and complications of farm transition in Canada
New Trust Reporting Rules - Are You Ready?
The primary purpose of these amendments is to increase transparency regarding beneficial ownership and assist the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in properly assessing the tax liabilities for trusts and their respective beneficiaries.
How to be happy in your role on your farm with job task lists.
I believe folks are happy in their roles on the farm when they are clear what is expected of them, and they have the proper tools to get the job done.
Meeting Success
The story gets repeated time and again. A farm family invests time and money in a professional farm advisor to help them sort out a transition plan and how to implement it. Finally, almost incredibly, after a series of family meetings that started out nervous but eventually get surprisingly productive, everybody gets on board with the plan. Everybody knows their role; everybody pulls in the same direction.
Joint Ventures: Practical With Tax Advantages For Succession Planning
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If you’re considering retirement or expanding your farming operation, a joint venture arrangement may give you some much-needed flexibility and offer tax advantages.
3 questions to ask your kids about your will
Do you have a will for your farm business? Have you consulted with your descendants about the contents?*
Executor Guide
As an executor you are responsible for carrying out the deceased’s wishes.
The deceased often shares their wishes and intentions in their Will. You
may feel overwhelmed and unsure what your responsibilities are with this
new role, so we have created this guide to assist you during the process.
A Farm That Lasts
Founders’ fees and amortized sales restrictions are just two of the growing list of strategies that farm families are adapting to ensure their farm survives for future generations.
Farm succession — minus the success
In today’s agriculture, there are plenty of positive stories about succession. So why highlight one of the nightmares? Because they do exist, and because they make us confront our assumptions about mental health
Do you have an exit strategy for your farm?
In many cases, Canadian farms are being transferred to the next generation. But that’s “many,” not “all.” And if you’re in a situation where transition is unclear, or if you know your final plan will be to sell out, it’s time to get thinking about your options for building a farm exit plan.
Top transition tips for young farmers
Transitioning management and ownership of a farm business from one generation to the next can present many challenges. While there are numerous resources to support farm founders in assessing their business and planning their transition into retirement, not many advise young farmers on how they should prepare.
Calculating sweat equity – how to get it right and make it fair
Sweat equity is like a deferred income for farm offspring. Starting the conversation early provides a map of performance and compensation expectations for both the older and younger generations.
Retirement planning for farmers
Here’s an unpopular question. When are you going to retire from the farm? This is often a taboo topic because it’s hard to know when you’ll be ready, and just as hard, if not harder, to know what it means to retire.
5 ways to ease farm transition angst
When Chris Delaney talks about estate planning, he knows many Canadian farm families face common challenges. Yet, for every difficulty, there’s a solution.

Delaney is an author, speaker, facilitator, family business consultant and member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.
Your Guide to Farm Succession Planning
Bold Strides: Through efficient family-based planning
“How do we pass this farm on to our son but still treat our other children fairly?”
Preserving harmony on the family farm operation
Structuring a farm business to involve the next generation
When involving the next generation in the ownership of your business, it’s always important to think through your goals.
You've worked hard to build your business, now what?
This leads us to another big reason to consider
a succession plan. While you likely want to
provide for your family's future and ensure the
continued success of your business, you also
deserve to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.
A proper succession plan will provide for all
of these things.
How to help avoid a will dispute
How do you manage family wealth transfers?
Executor Guide