Section: Wills, Estates, Wealth Transfer
Bold Strides: Through efficient family-based planning
“How do we pass this farm on to our son but still treat our other children fairly?”
Preserving harmony on the family farm operation
Structuring a farm business to involve the next generation
When involving the next generation in the ownership of your business, it’s always important to think through your goals.
You've worked hard to build your business, now what?
This leads us to another big reason to consider
a succession plan. While you likely want to
provide for your family's future and ensure the
continued success of your business, you also
deserve to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.
A proper succession plan will provide for all
of these things.
New Trust Reporting Rules - Are You Ready?
The primary purpose of these amendments is to increase transparency regarding beneficial ownership and assist the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in properly assessing the tax liabilities for trusts and their respective beneficiaries.
How to help avoid a will dispute
How do you manage family wealth transfers?
Executor Guide