Sharing my thoughts for new ag producers
by Larry Wegner, MFGA Board Alumni
Friday, April 5, 2024
by: Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association

Section: Wills, Estates, Wealth Transfer

Our sons, Herb and Max, are taking over the operations of our farm. I am constantly told by them that they know it all and, well, they really do not care to know what I am thinking.

So, my revenge is to write this blog so in the future they can read it and say “Jeez… Dad was not so dumb”. Of course, this relies on the blind faith that they will read anything I write.

So, with my own slice of transparent motivation declared, and with your reading to this point openly being farther than Herb and Max ever may ever get to, here are my thoughts on what new agriculture producers might consider doing as they enter this wonderful and sometimes wacky world we work and live in:

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