Tips to navigate transition storms
The cash flow needed to acquire land can fall outside of long-term profitability
Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Section: Wills, Estates, Wealth Transfer

By Elaine Froese, Grainews March 28, 2024

Last month, in the U.S., we heard Steven Bohr of Next Generation Ag Advocates encourage young farmers with tools for transition. The average price per acre in Iowa, as of last Nov. 1, is estimated at US$11,835, and 34 per cent of the land has owners over 75 years of age. Sixty per cent of the land is owned by those 65 and older.

Landowners are the oldest in history, there are all-time-high land values, and the cash flow to acquire land is outside of long-term profitability, according to Bohr.

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