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    CAFA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of advice for Canadian farm producers and their families. Our mission is to provide farmers with the best possible guidance and support, and to advance agribusiness in Canada.



    CAFA is the leading organization for farm advisors in Canada. We are committed to maintaining high standards and continually improving the skills and knowledge of our advisors, so that they can provide the best possible guidance and support to their farm clients. Our vision is to be recognized as the go-to source for reliable and valuable farm advisory services, and to make a positive impact on the agricultural industry in Canada.


  • CAFA's 10th Annual
    Farm Tax & Legal Update

    October 10, 2024
    Elora, ON & Live Streaming

  • Farmers are looking for expert advice more often to help them with the complexities they face in running their business.  CAFA provides a medium for these experts to better understand how each of us can make our clients better off.  I regularly reach out to my CAFA colleagues to leverage their expertise when my clients have a need I cannot satisfy. It’s win-win-win."
    Kim Gerencser, Regina, SK

  • CAFA is a great benefit to my clients. I’m able to get to know other CAFA members by attending meetings and conferences. I learn how they interact with other professionals. It is important to me and my clients that a farm advisor is not only knowledgeable but must be willing to work as a team player for the best interest of the farm clients.  CAFA meetings are a great place to learn about what is new and who to go to for answers.
    When I introduce clients to a CAFA advisor, I know they will be well looked after, this only increases the trust my client places in me as their primary advisor. It is great to be able to say I don’t know but I do know who does!!”
    Stan MacEwen, Laskowski Wright, Saskatoon

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4/29/2024 |
"...farm management consultants can perform many tasks for you that you may not have the expertise or desire to do yourself. When you enlist them, you are their primary and only interest. They are another one of the advisors you should seriously consider having on your farm team."
4/24/2024 |
As a whole, the indications across
Alberta show an annual increase of
approximately +9% on average
across the province for quality
dryland properties.
As a whole, the indications across
Saskatchewan show an annual
increase of approximately +13% on
average across the province.
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