Section: Structuring Ownership
Working with Family
"I want farm families to see conflict as a good thing that can be resolved."
EXTENDED: Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program for Permanent Residence
The majority of the current eligibility criteria and industries and occupations are able to benefit from this program does not appear to be changing.
A woman’s voice at the money table
Baines is encouraged: “Women are not only buying farmland but are being recognized for their roles.”
“With the importance and necessity of farming,” she says, “the future holds many opportunities for women.”
Never have I remembered a year that saw the term “volatility” used in every sentence. At the start of 2022, I would have used the word “opportunity,” but as we move into 2023, I would summarize the year more like “that was interesting.”
Asset values: When and how to review for better farm management
From transition planning to day-to-day bill payments, knowing the dollar value of your assets is a critical part of managing a farm business.

Values can change drastically over time and space, however. Regular evaluation of farm assets and their worth is important for various best business management practices.
Why not try to diversify?
Though there are exceptions (remember Cheetos lip balm?), diversification can offer many benefits.