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What is an ExecutorAn executor is someone who has been appointed in a Will to be responsible for administrating a person’s estate upon their passing. There can be multiple people appointed to administer one estate. This person(s) can also be referred to as an estate trustee and/or estate representative. Link to Executor Guide.

Farm Business Structure: Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation? Link to article.

Do you have questions about life and health insurance? CLHIA's consumer guides provide free, impartial information to help you choose the right insurance products for you and your family. Link to resources.

Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario | FSRA | Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (

The basics of powers of attorney and wills under Canadian laws, their relationship with each other, and other legal considerations. Link to article.

A Guide to FarmLand Ownership in Manitoba.  More here.

Ontario: Check Credentials: Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario Financial Planner or Financial Advisor? Check here.

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